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Fire Exit Signs

Fire exit signs are critical evacuation signage devices necessary in buildings for emergency purposes.

Quite generally, I have found that, you can purchase fire exit signs online in several web locations, for under $20, but if you are looking for customized signs for fire exits, these may run you a little more, depending on how you would like the specific signs to be made, the size, design, as well as other details.  As mentioned, I have found several web sites that offer signs for fire exits for sale, by utilizing web site search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.  Some of the web sites that I have found that have signs for fire exits are,, and

Fire exit signs are to be placed above doors that are specifically used only in the event that an emergency situation arises, such as (obviously) a fire of ANY sort, but other emergency circumstances can apply as well.  Situations where individuals’ lives or personal health are potentially at jeopardy, such as in a hostage situation, chemical spills that block main exits of the building, disabling people from being able to escape safely and the collapse of walls are a few of these circumstances to mention as business emergency examples.

Fire exit signs that I have found online for sale, run on average, anywhere from about $10 to $20 and possibly more, depending on the place of purchase and style.  Some web sites offer special discounts on “bulk” orders and shipping, as well as special sales prices and rebates.  There are also discount web sites, such as Amazon and E-bay to choose from, as well.  If you would prefer to shop locally, you can visit department and specialty sign shop stores in your area, as well as browse your local newspaper classified section, Yellow Pages and free circulars.

Before you purchase fire exit signs, make sure that you check with your local area fire safety code requirements and criteria laws, to determine the specific types of signs for fire exits that you will need, in your particular type of business, organization and building.  By having this information available before the time of purchase and meeting the proper requirements will save you from the hassles of fees or citations, later on, if the correct requirements by your local fire marshal are not met.

As with anything else, you will always want to shop around, in order to find the exact type and design of fire exit signs that you would like to purchase.  No matter what style and design of signs for fire exits that you purchase, you do not ever want to just “settle” on any one particular type or style of sign, merely based on price. Make sure that the signs that you purchase meet the required criteria of your state, county and city fire code laws. You also want to make sure that your own personal taste, your personal and company’s fiscal orientation, funding or budget (depending on the nature of the business or organization, such as a for-profit or non-profit organization) are met.