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Lighted Exit Signs

Lighted exit signs are illuminated for emergency purposes, with many lighting options on the market.

Lighted exit signs can be easily found for sale, online, through various web sites, by utilizing web site search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.  You can find several different styles and types of neon exit signs available on the market through the results that these web site search engines provide.  Some of the several web sites that I have found to purchase exit signs that light up are,, and, to name just a few.

For the use of informing customers of the differences in the exit and entrances to and from small businesses and offices, lighted exit signs will “grab the attention” of anyone who is possibly in a “hurry” on a busy schedule.  A lit-up exit sign also provides safety, in that exiting the entrance door can cause two individuals to accidentally collide, causing injuries from the collision or even the door, itself.  Browse the web to find the types and styles of illuminated exit signs that are available.  You will want to choose the proper and appropriate sign that will fit with the décor, motif and “theme” of your small business, or office.  For example, a “flashing” light may not be the best fit for a realtor’s office, but would better suit a small club or bar.

Prices for lighted exit signs that I have found, online can range anywhere from about $5 to as high as $100 or more, based on the particular style, manufacturer and place of purchase of the sign or signs that light up that you purchase.  You can also check out discount web sites, for used lighted signs, such as Amazon and E-bay, but if you decide to shop for a used exit sign that lights up, make sure that there is a “refund/return” policy, if you need to utilize it, but it is always best to know the condition of the sign, before purchase.  You can also make sure that you purchase from a seller that provides images of the signs.

If you would prefer to shop locally, as opposed to shopping online, you can visit local area novelty, signs shops and department stores for lighted exit signs, as well.  Wherever you decide to purchase your exit signs, check out the “specials”, “deals” and “discounts” that are available, to save yourself money, as well.  You may also want to browse your local newspaper classified section, Yellow Pages and free circulars, for exit signs that light up, that are for sale.

As with anything else, you will definitely want to shop around, when deciding on the exact types, styles and designs of lighted exit signs that you would like to purchase.  Keep in mind that you not only want to purchase the “appropriate” style sign that will suit your needs, but you also want to be happy with the price that you end up paying, as well.  Many web sites offer deals and discounts on shipping and bulk orders, while some specialty signs shops and department stores in your local area may offer discounts of various other types.