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Photoluminescent Exit Signs

Photoluminescent exit signs offer an illuminated look for fires and emergency situations.

Before we go into more detail about photoluminescent exit signs, let’s review the basics about A lighted exit sign is required by law for any public place, in order to direct civilians, during a crisis or power outage.  These are important and need to be displayed properly to avoid panic, and allow for an orderly evacuation should a disaster arise.  Not displaying illuminated exit signs properly can be dangerous in any situation, especially a crisis.  There are a variety of different exit signs to choose from, each one with their own positives and negatives.  Some operate off of an independent light source, and then there are others like photoluminescent exit signs.

A photoluminescent exit sign uses a specific type of material that collects fluorescent light from the surrounding area, and then slowly re-emits that light.  This is useful during a power outage, as the sign will have collected light throughout the day, and will then remain bright in the dark, by releasing the light that has been collected in the phosphorescent strips.  This is useful for providing a guaranteed way to light an emergency exit sign, without having to worry about power concerns.  The only downside is that photoluminescent signs aren’t as bright as lighted exit signs.

Conversely to how a photoluminescent exit sign operates, an externally lit fixture will provide it’s own light source that is typically battery operated.  These work by tying into a building’s current electric grid, so that it can sense when an electrical current is present.  When the electrical current is cut off, the lights switch on, and the exit sign can be seen, even from farther distances.  These are typically battery operated, so that they can be reliable throughout a power outage.  However, batteries can fail, which is one of the big advantages of photoluminescent exit signs.

Photoluminescence doesn’t require any power source, beyond the standard lights that your building already has.  Although a major downside, is that luminescent exit signs aren’t very good for lighting the surrounding area.  The words “EXIT” will shine brightly enough, but there won’t be any extra light emitted so that you can safely navigate the surrounding area, unless emergency lights have been installed.  So realistically, photoluminescent emergency exit signs should always be used in conjunction with emergency lighting, for the maximum safest environment possible.

Typically photoluminescent exit signs for sale can vary in price anywhere from $30 to as much as $100 depending upon the size and type of sign you purchase.  They can also come in green and red colors, to signify different types of exits.  But traditionally red is the best color, because red is the most vibrant color in the spectrum.  In an emergency situation you want peoples’ eyes to be easily drawn to a luminous exit sign, and red will do that better than green.

To purchase photoluminescent fire exit signs a major retailer like Home Depot has several options.  Also many department stores like Target and Kmart also have several options available.  The internet can also be a good way to save money by getting a better price than is available locally, so always check online before making a final purchase.  Don’t forget to read up on the laws in your state as well, to make sure your photoluminescent exit signs meet all safety requirements of a public building.