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Wilderness Survival Kits

Wilderness survival kits should never be an afterthought, as medical and food preparedness supplies may just make the difference.

Investing in the right type of wilderness survival kits is essential, when you’re going to be going out into the woods at any time. These are a necessity to ensure that you’re able to deal with the hardships that come with traveling outdoors, and to ensure that you’re able to survive any disaster that can befall you outside.  It’s a matter of providing the supplies that you need, while you’re going to be outside, but also ensuring that you have the right items to keep you healthy and strong at the same time.  Good wilderness survival kits are a must, and you want to go down your own personal checklist, to ensure that they contain all the essential items that you’re’ going to want to have along.

Basically you want to ensure that you’re able to cover all of the essentials for staying alive in the wilderness, in your wilderness survival kits.  That means one of your first concerns should be what you’re going to drink.  You can’t survive very long without water, so you need to ensure that’s one of your top priorities.  For this, any good kit is going to contain a canteen for drinking, as well as water purification drops.  This way, you can purify natural water on your own, and ensure it’s safe to drink, so that you can keep yourself hydrated, no matter what type of situation you’re actually in.

Of course, you also want to ensure that you cover your other important needs as well, and one of those is going to be keeping warm through the use of a fire.  Usually it’s a good ideal to bring a strong or durable thermal blanket of some sort, but that’s not always enough.  When you need a fire, you need the right tools for making one happen, and that means taking a flint or waterproof matches.  Waterproof matches are the most lightweight, but they also aren’t reusable, so you’re going to be limited by what you brought.  But a flint can be used over and over again, so you can rely on it making a fire, and doing it very fast.

Remember also, you need to cover any sorts of mishaps that can happen in the wild, and that’s why it’s good to have a small first aid kit of some type.  Bandages, as well a sutures and antiseptic are a must, so that you can ensure any wound that does occur, can be cleaned and dealt with before it becomes an infected problem.  It also helps to have a tactical knife of some sort, so that you have a tool for cutting literally anything.  There are no limits to where a knife can be helpful, from making a spark on your flint, to actually ensuring that you’re able to cut your sutures if you have to seal a wound.

When it comes to the right type of wilderness survival kits, you also want to ensure that you’re shopping in the right place.  That means using trusted outdoor equipment stores like Cabela’s, where you’re assured of finding the right kit.  That way, you have everything that you need to survive outside, and you’re assured of keeping yourself alive in literally any scenario.